* refers to James  Strong Exhaustive Concordance ext. extension pass. passive
comes from F feminine = “punctured: PdefV primary definitive verb
<? from unknown language for. foreign perh. perhaps
= equal to gen. generally pers. personal
<neg.p from negative particle imp. implicit phys. physical
<con. p from connective particle imper. imperative pl# plural number
<= from and equal to impl. implied pl ord. plural ordinal
+= plus and equal to inc. includes PN primary. noun
<bof from base of ind. indicative PP primary preposition
<=bof from and equal to base of inhab. inhabitant pp past particle
<for. from foreign intens. intensive ppa primary particle OT
(of OH) New Test. reference to OT Hebrew intr. intrinsic PPa primary particle NT
(of OC) New Test. reference to OT Chaldean irreg. irregular ppn primary pronoun OT
(of Lat.) of Latin JSE, JSEC James Strong Exhaustive Concordance Ppn primary pronoun NT
act.P active particle Lat. Latin Ppl# prjmary plural number
adj. adjective M masculine = “remembered” pr primary root
adv. adverb ment. mental pres. presumed
(of OH) New Test. reference to OT Hebrew Mv mid voice pres.P present particle
(of OC) New Test. reference to OT Chaldean N- New Test. preface to James Strong Number prol. prolonged
(of Lat.) of Latin neg. negative prop. properly
C# cardinal number neg. part negative particle PV primary verb
Chr. Christian neu. neutral PV? primary verb from unknown source
cir. circular meaning O- Old Test. preface to James Strong Number PW primary word
cir. pr circular primary root obs. obsolete redup. reduplicated
comp. compare obsP obsolete primitive refl. reflexive
concr. concrete obsP? obsolete primitive unknown source N- New Test. preface to James Strong Number
con. part connective particle obsPN obsolete pronoun neg. negative
cont. contraction obsPV obsolete primitive verb neg. part negative particle
cor. to corresponds to obsV obsolete verb neu. neutral
deg. degree ord. ordinal Relig. religion
der. derivative ord.# ordinal  number Rom. Roman
der. of comp. derivative of compound OF Old TesT. foreign word
dim. diminished, diminutive OO Old Test. Oriental word
eter. eternal p particle
euph. euphemism Pa primary article



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