1. …whoever is willing to be educated
  2. …whoever is seeking to know
  3. …whoever is willing to consider a different viewpoint.
  4. …viewpoint of the original authors of the 66 books
    1. …which is the LITERAL WORD MEANINGS of the original text.
    2. …those LITERAL MEANINGS educate us

Everything on the website is based upon the DATABASE and the documentation it provides to develop and educate us about what the original authors actually wrote.

What were the LITERAL WORD MEANINGS of their time and place on the planet?

CAUTION   Strongholds of minds’ with long held and cherished beliefs are not easily changed.

  1. Thus this website provides a wide range of additional educational tools to help facilitate understanding of the LITERAL WORD MEANINGS of this unique language.
    1. How to use them.
    2. What they tell us.
  2. The purpose is better understanding of what the original authors actually put to paper.
  3. See About introduction for more about this UNIQUE LANGUAGE
  4. See database introduction and videos for more details about the NEW FORMAT



The NEW FORMATDATABASE makes discovery of new and exciting things very quick, easy.

Enabling easy comparison of a word’s structure down to its baseline root /roots…and FROM THERE we can develop endless teaching and educational material.

For instance we can now quickly and easily and in one place….

  • ….with the way the interpreters of the Bible used any word….i.e. figurative, allegorical, hypothetical, metaphysical, etc, etc. etc..
  • …with the actual words used in the Bible….
  • …with the other words growing from same baselines (roots) which are:
    • primitive/primary roots
    • primary words
    • unused roots
    • unnumbered root s

Possible now to easily pull out data that is in plain site in the old format; but almost impossible to bring together for comparison…

  1. unused roots (ur) of the Old Test
  2. unnumbered root (u#w) words in the New Testament,
  3. both have no numbers assigned
    1. these words and the literal meanings are given over and over within numbered words
    2. they are the roots from which hundreds of other words grow
      1. and then see if the root bears words that are related
      2. oranges do not grow on potato vineswhich we can compare with Bible words


  • power point slide shows converted to You tube videos xwith hundreds of slides for self-study
  • 2 Major categories  of You tube videos
    • Vclips which are all about breaking the concept of white skin supremacy which was actually ice.
    • Pclips which is all about putting the puzzle pieces individual words concepts together into picture form.
  • documents founded on information taken from the DATABASE
  • charts and tables
  • symbols
  •  graphics (see HOME INTRO examples)
  • visual reminders of NON-GENDER WORD FUNCTIONS N/M/F transliterated groups of letters treated as English proper names; but are not


All information on this website comes from the 1940 edition of the James Strong Concordance


The New Testament N-1 derived from the O-1 reveals that the FATHER is the first letter of any language.

  • The builder (English son) is the neutral space where nothing is manifested yet.
  • EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE transliterated in Old and New Test. by 8 or 9 different expression; so called English names)
    • the space between the ALPHA and the OMEGA,
    • the A and the Z
    • the ALEPH and the TAV
  • Letters reside in the WOMB MATE (English= brother)
  • the energy the action of forming words is the SISTER , WOMB MATE of the (English =brother)
    • we know SISTER is action, energy because it is a non-gender feminine PUNCTURED word
  • BROTHER is neutral, FATHER is neutral, WOMB MATE is neutral, builder (English =son) is neutral
  • MOTHER primary word OT meaning BOND —–NT MOTHER primary word (both are neutral)
  • that which holds the letters of the word together on the page, in the mouth, traveling through the air.
  • this mother is not active; but passive, i.e. neutral.
  • another English word mother is active, the height, width, depth of the neutral womb which is always the exact size of the word.
  • we also know that the FATHER can be a negative particle or a connective particle
    • connective particles form words where the first letter of the alphabet , the father, may or may not be first
      • maybe the beginning and maybe somewhere in the midst of the word, i.e. sad, made, glad, happy.
    • negative particles
      • refer to before there was a something…that something may be before the word father….or maybe without the first letter
      • sometimes it seems to mean before written language

There is no way to discover this type of information using the PONY EXPRESS format of the 1920 edition of the James Strong Concordance.   The information is there; but not in a way that is easy to extract it.

Nor can we easily discover using any of the other formats whether it be in written book or websites. There is a plethora of them. All trying to find a way to uncover what the original authors set to paper.

There has been no way to fit the jigsaw puzzle together using the Bible words nor half understood meanings of the JSECon.


Please visit the sister website  and browse the library for earlier publications We Are All Egyptians.  While the data is a little different approach as it was my first glimpse of how word meanings tell the true stories, it remains valid and useful to understanding how to DECODE THE BIBLE.  Helps in discovering the sweet little book of Revelation, like honey in the mouth instead of the bitters in the belly of long held teachings about gender, sin, shame, blame, death, hell and condemantion.  All of these ideas vanish in the light of yesterdays truth.

For instance compare Matthew  (the active resent gift of now)Chapter 1 in its true meanings and Luke, (the light) chapter three.  They present two different views.  One from the  beginning to the present and the other from the the present now back to before the beginning.

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