Non Gender Word Functions

Major Tools for Decoding the English Bible

These videos are like pieces of a puzzle to be used in understanding word meanings of original text (prior to English).. The videos may explore a single word, several words, a scripture or any combination of words or puzzle pieces.  The important thing is to solidly grasp the WORD FUNCTIONS which have nothing to do with gender.  I have applied color to help catch the attention of the eye and the brain to remember what they are looking at.  We do not change thousands of years of teaching and preaching without some effort.

  1. Neutral words are just that neutral.
  2. Feminine words are active, usually cannot be reduced to a tanglible form.
  3. Masculine words have been remembered, rearranged into some new form.


Example you get in your car it is neutral not running, going nowhere.  You turn the key start the engine put it in gear and drive.  Hit a pothole, get a crack in the windshield, use some gas, etc. These all represent actions/activities, i.e feminine energies.  When you stop and get out of the car it has been remembered, changed, still a car but it does not look the same with a crack in the windshield, less gas in the tank, etc.

English does not function this way; but we are looking for understanding of the word meanings of the original text not the English interpretations .

Understanding these basic word  functions brings added understanding when watching  the PClip series and other videos on this site.  videos puzzle pieces are the original word meanings of texts written 1845BC to 410BC and restated in 70AD. However not in English, which did not exist until 1400 years later.  Those texts are supposedly written in Hebrew; but contain words from a wide variety of languages.

English as a language began to develop beginning 1339AD. When the English Parliament began creating English words to express English law.  Despite the fact they still spoke in French and wrote in Latin.

The English language developed alongside those moral laws and were restated in the first English Bible, the Great Bible.  English was to be  the common language of the mass of people.  King, Privy Council and wealthy land owners still spoke French  but wrote in Latin.  The English of today 2017 is less than 200 years old and continues to develop.  5 distinct English dialects of the US in 1986 were identified on a map in the book The Story of English written by Robert McCrum, William Cran and Robert MacNeil.

The 80 books  of the Great Bible were published  under the authority of  King Henry VIII.  The Act of Supremacy had given the King and all future monarchs total power over the church of England.  The Roman Catholic Church had instituted the idea that kings, emporers were ordained by God.  Excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church, King Henry created his own “protestor’s” church and a copy of the Great Bible was to be purchased and placed in every Protestant Church in England.  Often chained to the pulpit. The King did not speak English.  The Parliament did not speak English, so the question is posed, who spoke English and knew how to teach English in 1539AD?  Not the subject matter of this website.

The Bible remains the property of the Crown of England to this day.

Note that the first English dictionary was not published until 1602 and it contained only 3000 words; far fewer than the Great Bible. The first Oxford English Dictionary was not published until 1927AD; 300 years later.  Yet somehow someone , who?…..interpreted supposedliy ancient text into English.  Magic? .

Bibles written in new  language, (middle) English created words and thus form the basis for all English dictionaries used today.  The authors of the  English Bible created new English words adding to the words of the English law previously written!

Challenge is to not think in English language terms of understanding nor English language requirements of grammar; despite the fact we are studying in English.  The intent of this site is to discover the true meanings behind the English.  Then we can begin to see something quite different, then death, hell and damnation.

This video series is a graphic comparison of some basic English words.  I invite you to enjoy and possibly question what you beieve?  Or have been taught to believe.

NOTE these slides move very rapidly.  TOUCH SCREEN COMPUTERS If you want a closer look tap the screen to stop the video tap the screen to restart.  Otherwise use the slide bar at bottom of screen use on off button to pause slide.  Only the entry has voice; the bulk of the slides are silent.

VIDEO SERIES The bottom of each slide shows the meaning of the original word on the left and the word/words used in the Bible on the right.  Above  portion of slide is simply exploring the word in greater depth and comparison.

  1. OT Neutral feminine Masculine Words
  2. OT Masculine Feminine Words
  3. OT Masculine Words
  4. More OT Masculine Feminine Words
  5. More OT Neutral Masculine Feminine Words