Self study chapters are the same chapters found in the E-Books, Matthew, Luke, Revelation, but can be studied separately. 

Suggested  study course is to start with the Self Study E-Book James, then 1,2,3 John and then 1,2 Peter.  That course of study arms you with an arsenal of tools so that you can begin to decode the English Bible and uncover the sweet like honey little biblios of Revelation 9 and 10.  Just like any school you do not begin at the PHD level, you start from the beginning and lay a strong foundation.

If you do not have a shovel, it is difficult to dig with your fingers to find the “existent present gift  (Matthew).  If you do not have “illumination  (Lukea light, it is difficult to see in the dark.  Honey bees only sting humans to protect their honey. Knowing the difference between the honey bee and the hornet, brings a disclosure” (Revelation), which makes all the difference in the approach and therefore the outcome.

Once you have developed some skill with using the tools learned in the small books referred to above,  maybe you feel ready to just sample one of the larger books, “existent present gift Matthew, “illumination Luke, ”disclosure” Revelation.  You can choose a chapter to study using the tools you have learned or dive right into the whole enchilada.  Either way……

Specific instructions included and apply to any and all the chapters.

To determine word meanings of original text you need one of these available on website.

  1. Dictionary for the specific New Testament book
  2. New Testament Dictionary for all the NT books
  3. Use the NT database with 8 columns of pertinent data showing how to decipher any of the original word meanings.


CAUTION a new mind doorway is required; else the beautiful brain of memory goes right down the old religious pathway.  That is its job, to remember. To make a new discovery requires a different approach, a new doorway into the mind.  First set you mind, your eyes and your ears to see, hear and think in a different way.  You will find the sweetness of the honey. You will have discovered how to digest out the sin, shame, blame, death, hell, damnation which does not exist in the original authors vocabulary.

Also need another tool, a dictionary

The first 3 Self Study E Books contain their dictionaries, based on the databases.  These chapters do not.

The Old and New Testament databases are the best dictionary resources  These are simply the James Strongs Exhaustive Concordance layed out in a different format, 8 different categories of information.  There you can see the entire word formation in one place and make your own conclusion about what that original author intended to convey in languages that predate English by thousands of years..   There are many examples on this website.

If not using the databases then use one of these resources found on the website.

  1. NT Dictionary, keyed to the Old  all 27 NT books
  2. Individual dictionary for specific NT book.

These dictionaries are based on the same information found in the databases; but are exclusive to the word meaning as opposed to the other 7 types of information found in the databases.  Very useful starting point.  As your knowledge and curiosity increase, the databases provide a wealth of additional information.  More tools to use in decoding the English Bible.