Everything on this website is based upon an in-depth personal study of the English King James Bible (KJB) 1600sAD which is married to the James Strongs Exhaustive Concordance 1800s AD (JSEC).  In the process there evolved a new concordance format.  One that enables an easy to use way of discovering the true meaning behind the English created words used to write the Bible.  The true meaning is what the original authors intended; not how the English interpreters decided to express them.

The Bible can be decoded and the sweet little biblios that tastes like honey in the mouth can be exposed.  “disclosure” i.e. Revelation removes all the bitterness in the belly, the gender, sin, shame, blame, death, hell, condemnation, devil, etc. that simply do not exist in the original texts.  The honeybee does not sting humans.  It provides  a sweet taste in the mouth, digesting out all of the bitters in the belly.

Within the E books are examples of what the New and Old Testaments Databases reveal to us.  There is no New without the Old and they are tied together by the JSEC numbering system

These books are designed so that you can do your own study and I encourage you to take them one step at a time.  Each book adds something new to the discovery process.

  1. Self Study E Book James/Jacob 57 pages includes
    1. Table from the NT database showing how the words James/Jacob are connected and what they mean.
    2. James Dictionary directly from the NT database information is included. You can see all the parts of any word and put those parts together to decide for yourself what that original author intended to convey.
    3. French speaking, Latin writing wealthy land owners created English  words to make the scripture grammatically correct for English language purposes.  They are not used; need to be removed..  There are many resources on line and phone apps you can use to do this for yourself. This allows you to work only with the original meanings.
    4. The word meaning, per original author is inserted in the next column.
    5. We learn about the neutral/feminine/masculine non-gender word functions, major keys of understanding all scripture.  If you see a green word that simply is indicating the word used in the Bible, an aid to understanding.
    6. Exposure to a circular root word, swollen/heel/heel/heel, discovering how those types of words function.
    7. Lean a  little bit about primary roots of words and how apples do not grow on grape vines.


  1. Self Study E Book 1, 2, 3 John 39 pages includes
    1. Table from NT database linked to OT showing the “existent bend” and the “existent bend” e Bible words. John/Joanna
    2. Dictionary not included however, the JSEC#s are inserted and so are the word meanings.
    3. Begin to apply the N/F/M word functions to chapter and verses. The book titles, chapter and verse designations were not part of the first English Bible.  They were added later, but give us a great deal of information when we apply the meanings of words, such as one, two, three, four…..which were much more than mathematical equations.
    4. Learn about the “existent open wide free” , which is not the names of men like Jesus, Joshua, Isaiah, etc.
    5. Learn how to ask questions due to the types of information being revealed in this study.


  1. Self Study E Book 1, 2 Peter 71 pages
    1. Includes the dictionaries for 1, 2 Peter.
    2. First neutral rock and the house, the “mass of rock are exposed in a table taken directly from the NT Database.
    3. Few examples of scripture regarding the rock and the “mass of rock. Neither are gender.  Neither are human.
    4. List of all the meanings of the Chapters of both the rock and the “mass of rock”, increases knowledge of how to apply those meanings in all scripture.


With the information gained in these 3 E-books you will be ready to tackle bigger books.  In order to do so, you may need to purchase the NT Dictionary, based on the NT/OTDatabases, or the individual dictionary for the following 3 E-books

  1. Self Study E Book Matthew 229 pages “existent present/gift”
    1. Need to purchase a Matthew dictionary or the entire NT Dictionary, both based on NT Database keyed to the OT.
    2. 1st chapter ONLY has the JSEC# and the word meanings inserted. The rest is up to you to fill in.  Armed with what you have learned so far, it will be easier then if you try to start here.  The rest of the chapters do have the JSEC# inserted, you will need to decide for self what the word means by using the Matthew Dictionary.
    3. Begin to see the importance of using correct word meanings in place of English created words. Words created specifically to write the English Bible; without benefit of dictionaries.


  1. Self Study E Book Luke 330 pages “illumination”
    1. Dictionary not included, need to purchase Luke Dictionary or NT Dictionary both based on databases
    2. Table showing how the English word Luke is formed and how it actually means
    3. More practice at learning how to discover the true original meaning and how to put those meanings together to form an opinion as to the intent of the original author.
    4. Use all of the things learned in the previous 4 Self Study E books.


  1. Self Study E Book Revelation 162 pages “disclosure”
    1. Revelation Dictionary not included
    2. Armed already with enough learned discovery tools, that maybe you will taste that sweet little biblios that is like honey in the mouth. If so, then all the bitters in the belly will have been digested out.  No more gender.  No more sin, shame, blame, death, hell, condemnation or any other such words that have been swallowed as truth.  Words that have been bitter in our belly for 2000 years.

You will have gained information that will begin to transform hundreds and thousands of scriptures; not one at a time; but full brush strokes.

Next step or even in conjunction is to begin to apply word meanings as you read your Bible.   “Peace” instead of Solomon” Learn the difference in the 20 different word meanings expressed as the created English word God in the Bible.  These few alone change thousands of scriptures and broaden your arsenal of tools to decode the English Bible.